Half of Americans social networkers worried about privacy: Survey

According to The Marrist survey,

Half of Americans who have a profile on social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace are worried about their privacy.

The survey found that Americans over 60 years of age are the most worried about privacy. Women are more concerned than men.

Other findings of the survey, quoted here:

1) 27 percent of the 1,004 respondents were concerned about privacy on social networking websites, and a further 23 percent were very concerned.
2) 43 percent of Americans said they keep in touch via social networking websites such as Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn. 40 percent of men, and 45 percent of women, said they had a profile on a networking site.

People, when asked about how they feel about their privacy on social networks, will exaggerate their concern. But whether they actually regulate their online behavior accordingly is just another thing. As it doesn't take much to increase the concern factor and when headlines in the recent memory talks about breakdowns in privacy, that goes a long way to raising people's concerns. Regarding, the plus 60 age people being most worried; I think it’s their relatively late adoption of social networks that is contributing to the worry. Social networking websites do not come as naturally to them as to younger people who have a more carefree attitude about the sites and privacy.

Women are generally more concerned about privacy; hence they being more concerned can be understood. But as their presence on social networks exceeds that of men, it also points that the medium suits them more than the men. --------

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