iPad to perform much better than Forrester estimates

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Apple iPad Tablet PC (64 GB, Wifi + 3G):
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Following Apple's quarterly results, Forrester, a market research firm, thinks that its earlier estimates regarding iPad shipments need to be adjusted to reflect the stronger-than-expected demand. Forrester initially forecast that Apple would sell 3.5 million tablets to US consumers in 2010. During Apple's investor conference call, executives pointed out that total iPad shipments have already reached 3.27 million units before the end of June.

Although Apple's numbers cover international sales and enterprise distribution, the research firm suggests the device is still on track to greatly exceed the initial expectations.

Forrester will release a revised forecast later this year after collecting additional information from suppliers and consumers.

Meanwhile, reports are that LG Display can't keep up with the demand for iPad screens, and the pace with which Apple is ordering "more and more" of the tablet's LCDs; even if LG squeezes out others; it won't be completely free to meet demand until spring of next year (2011).

Apple display demands are unique in the industry as it needs not only a unique, 9.7-inch LCD with a color-accurate IPS panel but a large, high-accuracy touchscreen and strong glass. It's believed Apple may have signed a deal with Samsung even before the iPad's April 3 release to offload some of the production burden to a second supplier.

To fulfill its commitment, LG has already committed $512 million to a 4.5th generation factory that will be targeted primarily at smaller displays, such as for the iPad and smartphones.

Notably, LG is dealing with a oversupply problem on TV LCD front. --------

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