Japanese not keen on buying a 3D TV: survey

According to a recent survey by the price comparison website operator Kakaku.com, Japanese consumers are not very keen on 3D TV, with almost 70 percent saying they have no plans to buy a 3D TV for their home.

The issues killing the respondents’ enthusiasm are:

1) 3D viewing requiring the special viewing glasses.
2) Steep price tags.
3) Scarcity of available content.

Electronics makers like Panasonic Corp and Sony Corp have rushed to bring 3D TVs to the market this year, hoping the boom in cinemas will extend to living rooms after blockbusters like "Avatar" and "Alice in Wonderland" ignited massive interest in 3D viewing. But 67.4 percent of respondents said they were not interested in buying a 3D TV while only 31.2 percent were considering or wanted to purchase one, the survey said.

The survey found that:

1)Television makers' expectations for 3D are high but looking at the degree of interest among consumers, there is a big gap with the enthusiasm of manufacturers.
2)Of those who have no plans to buy a 3D TV (almost 70 percent of all respondents), nearly 70 percent cited the hassle of wearing special glasses, 57 percent said prices were too high and close to 40 percent said there was not enough 3D content.

Sony has launched 3D games for its PlayStation 3 and Japanese cable operator J:Com offers a small selection of 3D programs through its video on demand service, but available content remains limited. --------

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