Netflix signs movie deal with Relativity Media

Netflix , a service offering online flat rate DVD and Blu-ray Disc rental-by-mail and video streaming over the internet (streams TV episodes and movies) in the United States has signed a movied deal with Relativity Media, a company that has financed, co-financed or produced more than 200 features, generating more than $13 billion in worldwide box office revenue.

The deal marks a continued shift in the distribution of major motion pictures in the United States, where both the distributor and the contenet generator have enhanced confidence on the bright future of the content consumption of other media (read tablets or iPad).

Under the deal, popular contemporary movies previously shown exclusively on premium channels such as HBO, Showtime and Starz will now become available to be streamed from Netflix months after their release on DVD.

The first movies to be distributed will be "The Fighter" and "Skyline." --------

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