No Windows Phone 7 devices from HP

HP or Hewitt Packard, has confirmed that the company is dropping any future plans for a Microsoft OS on a phone. And there would never be a Windows Phone 7 device from HP. All future smartphones from the company will use webOS.

webOS originally belongs to Palm, a company taken over by HP.

Palm take over has been a major setback for Microsoft, which has counted HP as one of its primary and oldest partners. Since taking on webOS, HP has marginalized its Windows 7 slate by making it an enterprise-first product. Notably, the upcoming PalmPad, which the company claims to be a true tablet for the mainstream, is also using webOS.

The Windows slate was previewed in January, whose leacked specs showed low battery life and a higher price than the iPad. Microsoft has noticeably shifted most of its Windows Phone 7 efforts away from the US, where Motorola has also opted out. Most of its confirmed partners are Asian firms that have previously been loyal to Windows Mobile. --------

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