Nuance awaits approval of its voice-activated iPhone apps for UK

Nuance, the Speech-recognition software maker, has submitted its voice-activated software applications for UK for approval to Apple.

Nuance is launching software apps for the Apple iPhone in Britain as the company grows more confident that its voice-to-text technology is ready for global markets.

Nuance's Dragon Search allows users to search the Web by speaking words into the phone instead of typing. Dragon Search results provide a collection of results(also called meta search) from Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Twitter, YouTube and the iTunes store, so a single command delivers videos, music, news and shopping opportunities.
That apart, Dragon Dictation, another application from Nuance, records a message of up to 30 seconds that can be sent as text or email.

Nuance is hopeful that the submitted applications will soon be approved for Britain. They are already available for free in the United States.

If approved, Nuance plans to offer its iPhone apps for free in Britain too, hoping to whet the appetite of consumers who may go on to buy more sophisticated software packages.

To date, Nuance has seen 3.7 million downloads of its applications.

With the growth in touchscreen-only devices -- with on-screen keyboards some users find hard to type – the company believes will help to drive adoption of voice-to-text software. --------

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