Percentage of iPhone4 users who lodged complaints about the signal problems

The day when Steve Jobs, addressed media, on the issue of iphone4 reception problem; apart from offering free bumper cases to iPhone4 users(those who had already bought the case will get a refund) till September 2; Jobs also tried to segregate, the hype, the reception issue has got from the reality.

According to Jobs: Just 0.55 percent of all iPhone 4 owners (right now there are over 3 million iPhone4 users) called Apple to lodge complaints about the signal problems and the return rates for iPhone4 have been lower than they were for the iPhone 3GS.

In the just disclosed Apple quarterly results, a 35 percent gross margin for the period was far below the analysts' average target of 40 percent. To this, the company acknowledged that the fourth-generation iPhone or iPhone4 costs more to make than its predecessor.

If higher manufacturing costs, point to an improved device, then lower return rates for iPhone 4, even amidst media uproar over reception problems, appear believable. --------

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