Reasons why a job seeker should behave well on social networks

Gone are the days, when, how one behaves on a social network was no body’s business. But time indeed has come for putting one’s best self every time one spends time on a social network. The responsibility becomes many folds if one intends to use the same social network for furthering one’s career prospects.


As according to 2010 Social Recruiting Survey carried out by Jobvite, which publishes the industry barometer on how employers are using social networks to recruit --- Recruiters (those who will either give you or will be instrumental in giving you a new job) will be monitoring your every move, in more number and with more focus this year than earlier. If that’s not enough, an increased number of recruiters will only be recruiting thru Social networks, abandoning the methods that they used in the past. That is, if you fail to impress them with your virtual social presence; you will not be able to see them again.

So one single advice from Jobvite to any job seeker or ambitious person is: Start behaving well on social networks.What you say and share on your social network profile is being watched.

The findings of the Jobvite survey are:

• 83% will recruit in social networks this year
• 46% will spend more on social recruiting
• 36% will spend less on job boards
• 80% review social profiles --------

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