When will BlackBerry 9800 start selling

On the basis of some leaks, on AT&T, RIM's BlackBerry 9800 would reach August 15. In addition info is also that, it will reach Rogers and could even have a CDMA version for Sprint.

In Europe, the phone will come to Vodafone, one of the prime candidates, in September.

RIM has already confirmed that it expects at least one new phone before the end of its quarter finishing in September.

The BlackBerry 9800, possibly called the Torch, will be RIM's first phone with both a touchscreen and a hardware keyboard. Electronista hopes RIM to drop the often-criticized SurePress click-down screen and adopt an upgraded 5 megapixel camera in Blackberry 9800.In addition it believes 9800, won't have significant improvements in performance, apart from more RAM. --------

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