Apple iPad usage behaviour of Britons

Increasing number of people consuming content on iPad
According to a new study, conducted by Cooper Murphy Webb, a UK copywriting firm, among iPad owners, Apple’s iPad has emerged as preferred source of reading books, newspapers and magazines, apart from playing games among the device users in Britain.

Findings of the study:

1) Over 41% of the iPad owning Britons admitted that they prefer to read books using their iPad, while a comparatively low 36% of them admitted to stick to the conventional method.

2) About 44 percent of the iPad owners reported to use the device for more than 10 hours a week, with a majority of them taking their iPad outside of the home on occasional basis.

3) However, a mere 5% of iPad owning Britons carried their iPads with them whenever they left home, compared to 35% who very rarely took the device out with them.

4) Interestingly only 24 per cent said that they used the iPad as their ‘primary entertainment device’. The laptop emerged as the clear winner in this field, accounting for 33 per cent of the vote.

5) 38 per cent of iPad owning Britons, preferred iPad to the mobile phone, for web browsing. Only 7 percent preferred mobile for the same purpose. However, the laptop still reigned supreme in this area, with 55 per cent of people preferring its browsing experience. --------

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