Dell new tablet to sell for $300 inclusive AT&T contract

Dell Inc will start selling its new tablet device called the Dell Streak to U.S. customers later this week for $299.99 with a two-year AT&T Inc contract; and for $549.99 without.

Dell will start taking pre-orders from today.

The five-inch tablet,with a 5-megapixel camera on the back, and a front-facing VGA camera, works as a phone as well, runs on Google Inc's Android 1.6 mobile operating system(a version one year old, current version of Android is 2.2).It has 3G capabilities as well (though the $550 model can be used as a Wi-Fi-only device).

The company hopes that it’ll help it take on Apple Inc's iPad.But experts are finding the tablet too small and too late.

In my opinion too, tablets have reached such a point that a $300 device is required to have a larger screen; if someone has to buy a device that is more portable, and can give calling capability too; then will he not buy a $200 high end smartphone.

If competition is zoomed in at Apple iPad, which the company wants to take on with Streak; then Apple's cheapest unlocked iPad is still $50 less than Dell Streak ( Keeping in mind that iPad screen is twice as big as that of Streak). I think Dell Streak is too costly compared to both smartphones and tablet PCs; and its screen size stands somewhere at the middle, to be a viable option either for a smartphone or a tablet. --------

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