Delta Air Lines and Alvenda Launch ticket booking Capability on Facebook

Delta Air Lines and Alvenda, an integrated social commerce channel, officially launched ecommerce capability on Facebook. According to a release, Facebook users will now be able to book flights with their friends directly on Facebook.

Delta's Ticket Window will also be attached to Delta's online banner ads allowing customers to book travel with their Facebook friends on other Alvenda-certified publisher websites and on Delta's partner websites including the New York Yankees.
The capability can be accessed thru company own website, on Facebook, on travel websites, on Internet news sites etc.

There are 160 million annual Delta customers. Delta is the first travel company to open millions of new selling opportunities via a social commerce channel.
Delta used the latest release of Alvenda's StoreCast platform which enables the convergence of social networking, ecommerce, and advertising. Enhancements were made by Alvenda to support Delta's needs in the complex integration of flight bookings and the industry's regulatory requirements. Alvenda opens in-stream shopping experiences that include a checkout feature inside Facebook's news feed, fan pages, and inside banner ads on publisher websites. Alvenda creates social commerce channels.
Delta Air Lines offers service to 367 destinations in 65 countries on six continents. --------

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