A demographic positive to Apple iPad in particular

Young people standing in queues outside Apple stores, whenever Apple iPad hits stores for the first time in different countries has become an iconic image for Apple iPad.

But does that picture, gives an impression that Apple iPad is a hit only among young tech savvy people. If yes, then the notion needs to be changed and a demographic (or age group) that is positive to iPad in particular needs to be brought into picture.

This demographic is that of Elderly.

Within a month of iPad being available in Japan, one trend that is seen clearly by market watchers is of: Elderly Japanese embracing Apple's iPad.

They are finding the device useful and easy to use: a device that can make their lives more interesting and engaging.

Elderly Japanese are looking for easier ways to browse the Web and send e-mails, are a potentially lucrative demographic for Apple Inc. as the proportion of people age 65 and older climbs to records each year in countries including the U.S., China and France. Japan, in particular, has the world's oldest society, with the elderly accounting for an estimated 22 percent of the population, almost triple the global average.

Apple device score well above their competition, on the ease of use. In the words of researcher Takahiro Miura of the University of Tokyo, whose team is working with IBM on using computers to help senior citizens rejoin the work force, ‘iPad is a good tool for the elderly because it's very forgiving of mistakes, something the seniors fear when dealing with computers; Unlike the PC, it doesn't require prior knowledge."

iPad's appeal to the elderly is helping Apple reach beyond its traditional base of younger customers and fend off Google's Android mobile-device operating system, which targets more technologically savvy users. This is benefiting to Apple as demographically, the world, especially the developed markets, is getting older, and Apple has till now managed to retain its hold on this demographic.

Customers bought 3.27million iPads, which sell for $499 in the U.S. and $565 in Japan for the low-end model. --------

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