Facebook Live Video Channel launched

Facebook on Friday launched its own video streaming channel, Facebook Live, intended to keep users updated on what's happening at the social-networking site. According to Company Spokesperson, Facebook Live is a service "capturing activity already happening at Facebook and showing it to the people who use the service.

The service, powered by Livestream, will feature videos from Facebook staff and is not intended as a platform for Facebook users to showcase their own videos – or a means for Facebook to get into the video distribution space. In short Facebook considers Facebook Live as a natural extension of Facebook blog.

Although Facebook makes clear that it has no plans to enter into content product; Facebook live will act as some mouthpiece for things Facebook is already into: Like Facebook products etc.

One Facebook Live feature the company wants the users to know in particular is: "Ask a Question".This feature will let viewers submit questions to a moderator.

Another noteworthy feature is the Live Feed feature. This lets users update their status with Facebook Live information. The offering is also an app that can be added as a Facebook tab to any Page, where videos will stream live. Videos can also be archived and distributed as future reference materials.

The service will kick off Friday. --------

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