A generation willing to pay for content

American movie and Television content makers, distributors and allied businesses are optimistic that in coming years an increased number of consumers will have willingness to pay for their creations.

The renewed optimism amidst general prevailing concerns regarding a collective addiction of a sizeable number of consumers to pirated free content is the generation, which is still young (or younger siblings of the so-called Napster generation--which prefers everything for free), but prefers to pay for content rather than get it for free.

There’s a consensus among content makers and distributors that, this generation, who is being inculcated, among other things, with the habit of paying for content rather than stealing it, by their parents; is a big hope for content makers, distributors and allied businesses.

Thanks in part to these youngest consumers, consensus estimates put the download-to-own segment of film and TV content on track to grow by an average of 15% or more annually through 2015.

And data from tracking firm Rentrak show a 30% uptick in digital revenue from 2008 to 2009. Such double-digit growths remind one of the early days of DVD.

According to Rentrak,
Electronic-distribution revenue remains relatively modest at about $2.1 billion from a total $20 billion spend last year on purchase or rental of film and TV titles. But most agree it simply is a matter of time before the younger generation embraces digital distribution as their preferred means of enjoying entertainment. --------

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