Google translate like utility which deals with Indian languages

Ever found yourself in a desperate need to get a tamil page translated into Hindi; or an Assamese page translated into Punjabi. If yes, and that too very often, then wait till September and you’ll get a utility, which automatically text translates language pairs, just like Google translate, only difference being it deals with Indian language pairs.

The utility, named Sampark--the Indian languages Machine Translation (MT) system developed by the consortium of 11 Indian institutions led by International Institute of Information Technology-Hyderabad (IIIT-H) is slated for national launch next month.

While the first edition of the system would provide automatic text translation in six Indian language pairs, the next edition would feature 12 more.
MT tools are upcoming areas of study in the field of computational linguistics. Machine translation is the application of computers to the translation of texts from one natural language into another.
With Sampark, a project funded by ministry of Communication & IT, all one needs to do is copy-paste the text in an appointed box and click. The text gets the translated version in another box beside it. It can also translate entire webpage with pictures and graphics intact. --------

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