iPad challenger from India nearing its launch

Media and enthusiasts got opportunity to have a look at it at Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year. Now the time has neared for the world to not only look at it but also own it. As, the much anticipated Adam tablet is out of the experimental phase and could become available to users soon, perhaps by the end of this year.

Bangalore-based Notion Ink, which makes the tablet, said past Thursday that the company is aiming to submit the device to the U.S. Federal Communications Commission for certification by the second week of November. The product's release will depend on how long it takes to get approval, informs Rohan Shravan, founder of Notion Ink.

The Adam tablet is known to be equipped with advanced hardware, including Pixel Qi's transflective (or Trans Reflective)display; and Nvidia's fast Tegra 2 chip.

The Pixel Qi transflective display display can absorb ambient light to brighten screens, which could help reduce power consumption to extend the battery life of tablets.

The Tegra 2 chip gives the tablet the capability to play back full 1080p high-definition video, versus the 720p video Apple's iPad is capable of.

The tablet could price anywhere between $399 and $498 and will be available in four models depending on the screen and wireless connectivity. Models will ship with either Pixel Qi or traditional LCD screens, and include Wi-Fi and/or 3G wireless connectivity.

When the device will eb launched in oher countries will depend on the number of developers collaborating on application development for the device; as the device will focus on ecosystem (number of applications it manages to get developed by its sheer popularity) for its profitability rather than hardware. Although, even the display and chip technologies look quite impressive to excel the tablet.

The device will be available through an online store. --------

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