Meet this MySpace Romeo

If you are quite active on MySpace; then it's good if you meet this Romeo at least once.

He can play music videos for you depending on your mood.

MySpace further defining itself as a place to find music rather than a catch-all social networking site; on Thursday,launched a music video player that plays random videos to match users’ moods.

The MySpace Music Romeo application lets users select from 15 genres such as pop or hip-hop and 13 moods, including “chill" and “studying.” Videos play automatically, interspersed with artist images and an advertisement every 15 minutes or so.

If a user “loves” videos played by Romeo, then he/she can get more videos like the ones they choose. But they won’t be able to search for specific songs.

The Romeo application launches both as a free app for Apple Inc.’s iPad and as an application that can be played from computer Web browsers. --------

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