New Digg Launched

Digg has launched a new version of itself—Digg v4.

News many social media enthusiasts and Digg users have been following for quite some time. Attribute it to the crowd marching towards new Digg or coincidence; the site went down within moments of the launch.

What is new?

Those who have previous versions of Digg know that Digg never told them to make friends or follow the glitterati of the Digg. Although Digg did start opening it up names for some time now; when it told users to share stories from small blogs and websites along with big.

But new Digg asks new users at the sign up; to follow others from his/her Google, Facebook and twitter friends and from a series of lists created by Digg (just like twitter does).

Hence the new Digg has an increased emphasis on social; something more and more book marking and sharing services doing now. In addition one can expect more Digg integration with social networks in coming days.

Looks-wise New Digg doesn’t look too different from the old one.

One notable addition is “Digg's version of a Twitter "fail whale", like twitter,whenever  Digg suffers or will suffer the impact of over capacity—“an Oregon trail wagon or a bullock cart over loaded with a broken axle appears. --------

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