Parents try just launched AOL SafeSocial for Kids for Free

Do you always remain concerned about you kid’s online security; every time your kid ventures social networks in you absence. If yes then, AOL’s just launched new service, SafeSocial that protects kids on the internet; may provide you with much needed peace of mind.

SafeSocial grants access to key pieces of information about kids’ internet accounts, social media friends, photos and posts with key words that respond to danger. Ya, you also have to put some work in choosing the right keywords to make the service effective.

A signature of the tool is the fact that here kids have to agree to their parents’ use of SafeSocial. In other words, SafeSocial is less like spying than say, supervising with permission. I don’t know whether this is a good thing or not as, as this makes the kid and the parent a party and instinctively makes the parent less complaining about the loop holes. But if this particular step has been taken to get kid into confidence; who themselves think they are more careful while on Web, compared to their parents. Then this makes the service effective.

AOL launched SafeSocial by licensing SocialShield’s technology, buyers can be sure of improving service in coming days.

AOL is curently offering a free 30 day trial for the new product, after which it costs $9.99 per month.

How SafeSocial safeguards your kid while online:

1) The product has the ability to screen kids’ friends across 50 different databases (read social networks).

2) Once a user enrolls in the free trial, the data parents get about their kids’ information is organized pretty clearly in a dashboard format with easy-to-access tabs for exploring other aspects of their online presence. Like which friends said some inappropriate content (although the service will flag many common inappropriate keywords; it’s up to a parent to make the product more effective by adding more effective keywords); or which of the friends are adults (based on that friend’s age submitted).

3) The service notifies a parent with an Alert whenever someone among kid’s friends indulges suspicious and/or worrying conversations. These conversations include profanity and language about drugs, sex, violence, alcohol and suicide.

4) SafeSocial will also flag friends who show up in national criminal databases of the country. But while the friends page is all about age, gender and mutual friend details, kids’ general posts and conversations are only summarized, which counters against invasion of privacy. However, parents have the option of looking at their kids’ full conversations if they feel it’s necessary.

Think Mobile finds the product effective. Right now parents can try the product for free for 30 days. --------

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