RIM unveils BlackBerry App World 2.0 with pay via credit card option

RIM has unveiled the next version of its application portal, named BlackBerry App World 2.0.

The version 2.0 of application portal has been designed for faster search, easier payments and a customizable user experience. Though, the simplicity of the previous version has been retained in the new version too. An improved user interface is also incorporated to make it easier to see the top lists of BlackBerry applications, from Themes to Apps, both free and paid for.

In addition to PayPal, on new improved app portal, customers will be able to purchase applications using credit cards. This is considered as one of the most important additions. Now users can decide to have a dedicated credit card or PayPal account set up with RIM, and simply enter their password to download new applications, making the whole process a lot simpler and faster.

An interesting feature added to Blackberry App World 2.0 is its ability to recognize each user. To accomplish this, BB App World 2.0 gives unique user IDs to users, which can work across any device, making it easy to see their app purchase history.

Another important feature added is the QR barcode scanning. This is already used on Google's Android Market. QR barcode scanning – means that an app vendor can advertise QR barcode on the web or in a magazine; and the phone's camera can decipher the code and link straight through to the app.

Currently Blackberry App World 2.0 is under beta testing open to United Kingdom users only. --------

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