Toshiba dual-screen Libretto starts taking pre orders in US

Toshiba Libretto W105-L251 7-Inch Dual Touchscreen Notebook - Silver/Black
TL W105-L251: Click on image for specs
After recently debuting in Japan, Toshiba is now selling its dual-screen laptop/tablet, Libretto W105, in the U.S., the company said Monday.

Libretto W105 (marketed as the W100 in Japan) is a small 7-inch, 1.8-pound, Windows 7 clamshell device that sports two capacitive LCD screens: one for viewing, and one for typing. The typing screen is much like the virtual keyboard on the Apple iPad, though the Libretto offers a few extra keyboard configuration options. The W105 can also function as a dual-screen tablet.

As of 16 August 2010, the W105 is available in the U.S. for preorders at

The tablet will sell at select retail stores on Sunday, August 29, for $1,099.99 (approximately $1100), the company said.

U.S. specs that are slightly different from the model in Japan are as follows:
1)  Will have only one battery--the larger 8-cell battery--taking the device's weight up to 1.8 pounds compared with the 1.5-pound weight Japanese model

2)  Will not include WiMAX wireless broadband (Japanese model has this connectivity)

3)  Will run on Windows 7 Home Premium operating system

4)  Has an Intel Pentium U5400 dual-core processor

5) A 2GB of memory (DDR3 800MHz)

6) A 62GB solid-state drive/harddisk (SATA)

7) Two 7-inch WSVGA multitouch LED backlit displays (1,024x600)

8) Webcam/microphone built into the LCD bezel

9) Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n)

10) Bluetooth V2.1 --------

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