Warning: Do not see Apple iPad screen too closely, you may know the TRUTH

What’s the best way to decide, who among the two, Apple iPad and kindle has a better display?

Technology ?

Both apple iPad and Amazon Kindle use very different display technologies. So can it be the deciding factor?

How about looking closely at the screen and see which of the two devices retain the sharpness of the alphabets?

Ya, we as human being are not capable to zoom in to that extent. How about using a microscope? Sounds good.

A Bit-101 blogger did just that. Bit 101 blogger used a Veho VMS004 DELUXE USB Powered Microscope to test the screens of both Amazon’s e-reader and Apple’s iPad--and the resulting images were interesting, if not a little colorful.

Magnified at 26x (or 26 times the original) and 375x-400x, the close-ups of the iPad display show the typical pixilation of many liquid crystal display (LCD) screens, whereas the Kindle remained crisp and still relatively in focus. The iPad has a color IPS LCD display, whereas all the Kindle models use 16-level gray E-Ink displays.

So from the look of the things, kindle display appeared to retain sharpness even at 26x (or 26 times the original) and 375x-400x magnification, compared to Apple iPad.

The results are hardly surprising, as the two products house very different technologies for different purposes. But will that end the “Whose display is better” war.

Btw, Check out the comparisons at Bit-101 to see how the two screens compared for yourself. --------

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