What is Facebook worth ?

Financial Times Report has once again started the speculation about Facebook’s worth.

The report pegs the current Facebook worth at more than $33 billion.

The rationale behind the jaw-dropping valuation is :
1) Yahoo, which has recorded no growth, has a valuation of $18 billion
2) And somewhat plateauing (or stable growth) eBay comes in at $30 billion
3) Facebook, on the other hand, is still growing.

Although Facebook is increasing its user base with a high growth rate(over 500 million users at present), and is challenging Google time and again as world’s most visited web property; plus many users and experts are finding Facebook Ads very effective; Still,by most estimates will have revenue of only $1 billion to $1.5 billion this year. So until Facebook goes public, no one knows for sure, any number is at best speculative. --------

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