Which Five Sony Ericsson handsets are best for You ?

Sony Ericsson has unveiled a Phone Analyzer application with Facebook Connect.

This unique application allows users to discover which of the brand's five handsets is best for them.

To recommend five handsets most suitable for a user, the company depends on how the particular user uses his/her Facebook profile.

The app uses criteria such as social network scope, visual components, sharing activity and networking activity to determine which of the five phones is most suitable for the individual. Giving a description of what it thinks the users will need in their phone, the app then makes a selection based on its assessment. The individuals are then directed to the relevant page on the brands website, further describing the features and benefits of the phone that was chosen for them.

To get your five Sony handsets, You can log into the feature through Facebook Connect, following which the application will pick one of five phones for you depending on your Facebook activity. The trove of handsets from which five most useful for you will be retrieved include the three newest models in the Xperia™ range-- the X10, X10 mini and X10 mini pro, and also the Vivaz™ and Vivaz™ pro. --------

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