Who is after Britney Spears' world’s top Twitter user crown?

According to social media statistics service Famecount.com, pop singer Lady Gaga is soon going to steal Britney Spears’ crown as the world's top Twitter user.

On 19 August 2010, Lady Gaga recorded 5,635,460 followers earlier in the day, while Britney Spears had 5,646,028.

Famecount noted that with current growth rates, the "Bad Romance" singer Gaga, should pass Spears' count on Thursday or Friday at the latest. While writing the post, Gaga has added 23,540 new followers to the count Famecount had mentioned. Britney had added around 20265 new followers during the same time.

But notable thing was, while Gaga’s follower count was not fluctuating much and only incrementing; Britney’s was fluctuating between 56, 61,000+ and 56, 66,000+.

Spears' brief run at the top of Twitter began less than three months ago, when she overtook actor Ashton Kutcher for the top spot.

Famecount.com confirmed that Gaga's Twitter followers, 16 million Facebook friends and YouTube popularity currently make her the most popular entity online. However, the singer's Twitter crown is far from secure.

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With Justin Bieber adding 800,000 new Twitter followers a month to his existing 4.5 million, the teen star could pass Gaga within six months. --------

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Lady Gaga's clips more interesting then Britney's one