Why Brands Love Twitter 2010: A Study

According to a new study by ExactTarget: Those consumers who are active on Twitter are 3 times more likely to impact a brand's online reputation through syndicated Tweets, blog posts, articles and product reviews than the average non-tech savvy consumer.

The study put a stamp on the general findings that say that: microbloggers (or twitter users) have many reasons to follow brands they like. Though discounts and sales are toward the top of the list; it’s the news and information about a company and its products that come out to be the most popular reason for twitter users following a Company or Brand.

‘Why twitter users follow brands’: Below are Top ten reasons [along with the percentage of users (out of all US twitter users) who follow a Company or Brand for that particular reason):

Get updates on future products__________________38 percent

Stay informed about company activities___________32 percent

Receive discounts and promotions________________31 percent

Get updates on upcoming sales___________________30 percent

Get free samples, coupons, etc___________________28 percent

For fun or entertainment________________________26 percent

Get access to exclusive content___________________25 percent

Learn more about company______________________25 percent

Show support to company to others________________23 percent

Share ideas, provide feedback____________________20 percent

In addition, the study even found that daily Twitter users are approximately:

1) 3 times as likely as other Internet users to upload photos.

2) 4 times as likely to blog

3) 3 times as likely to post ratings and reviews

4) and almost SIX times more likely to publish articles

about the Company or Brand they follow on Twitter. --------

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