AOL Launches Project Devil: A Huge Ad Product

AOL has launched its new ad-product "Project Devil" with a big ad in Advertising Age on 27 September.

What separates the ads from this project, from the ads we have seen so far is their size and placement.

According to, these ads will be about 4 times bigger in size than the normal banner ads.

AOL has shown quite optimism in its project Devil ad on Ad Age: calling the Devil ads more than just big. As per AOL, the new ad system is developed with input from industry creative leaders. The company added that a ComScore survey suggests Project Devil ads are more visually appealing, informative, engaging, and uplifting than normal banner ads.

That said, what is your opinion about ads four times bigger than normal banner ads? Will you as a reader find such ads distracting? or as a publisher, will you want to have such huge ads on your website? (keeping aside the question of performance of these ads). --------

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