Apple iPad eating 25% of PC notebook sales

According to Morgan Stanley, the notebook sales trends over the past year shows a significant market-wide decline since the introduction of Apple's iPad.

Since its launch in April this year, the iPad has consumed 25 percent of PC notebook sales.

Electronics retailer Best Buy, has supported the Morgan Stanley finding; when it said yesterday that iPad has reduced some notebook sales at its stores by as much as 50 percent. As Best Buy is the only Brick and mortar store selling iPad in US, the country where iPad debuted and which made for majority of iPad sales ; hence Best Buy quoting a 50 pc figure is understood.

The data from Morgan Stanley Research, based partly on NPD sales figures, shows that notebook sales were up 35 percent year over year in February, but by August they had decreased to a loss of 4 percent from a year prior. In simple, 4 percent less less notebooks were sold till August 2010 compared to August 2009.

Morgan Stanley has adjusted its projected notebook and tablet sales for the next year accordingly. It now expects PC unit growth to increase 13 percent in calendar year 2010, down from the 15 percent previously expected. The expected notebook and tablet sales growth for 2011 is readjusted at 8 percent.

In comparison, M-S expects to see a total of 50 million tablets sold in calendar year 2011. That's up from her previous forecast of 37 percent. --------

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