CTR of Promoted Tweets and Promoted Trends

Twitter today launched Promoted Accounts—its new ad format. It’s like twitter’s earlier initiative Promoted Tweets, in which Twitter promoted the tweets of advertisers, which appear at the top of updates.

What differentiated the two is that Promoted Accounts, not only gives the advertisers promotion but also an opportunity to increase their follower count. By paying twitter, Advertisers make Twitter to automatically suggest their accounts to users with similar interests.

Twitter Chief Operating Officer Dick Costolo said in an interview this month that Twitter was pleased with the performance of Promoted Tweets, which appear at the top of updates, and Promoted Trends, which are featured on a list of trending topics. Advertisers pay when users click on a link in Promoted Tweets and Promoted Trends.

For both Promoted Tweets and Trends, Click-through ratio( the ratio which is calculated by dividing the number of times an advertisement is clicked by the number of times the advertisement is viewed) is 5 percent. That’s 5 out of every 100 views. Which is very Good. --------

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