Entire List of Kindle Books Ready for 'Read the First Chapter for free' Button

As shared with you in the previous write-up, Kindle has launched Kindle for the Web, which allows a book lover to sample kindle books in a web browser. A user can read the 'First chapter of the book' before going for the purchase, in his/her web browser.

But Amazon has launched this "Read First Chapter Free" button on select titles. But you don't need to browse endlessly to find those select books. We have already searched those for you. Below is the entire List of Kindle Books with Read the First Chapter Free button.

The Books Ready for "Read the First Chapter for free" Button


Update: When this post was created, all the books in the listing had "Read the First Chapter Free" button(on the right sidebar, pale green in color). But now it appears many books in the list have opted out. But still, bookmark the page, all Read First Chapter free button titles will appear on the same listing. --------

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