Facebook Unveils Recommended Subscriptions Page Browser

Take the Facebook Recommended subscription like this:

Some experts and entrepreneurs are running and rolling out bookmarking sites, which they explain as a place or a book rack holding best feeds on any category existing on web. They add, if a user doesn't like their recommendation he/she can remove the feeds in any particular category of his/her choice and put his/her own choicest content.

The idea behind these feed racks or bookmarks they recommend is that for any category be it politics, sports, technology; there exist some feeds which no users will like to miss. Take for instance Mashable for Social Networking, or Wall Street Journal for Politics.

This is what, Facebook Recommended subscription is about.

But still, Facebook Recommended subscription is bound to be better,simply because Facebook has both users and information.Couple it with the world's easiest method of subscribing to syndicated content. These simple things making for world's best recommendation engines.

The feature, made available to all its 500 million plus users, is called the Page Browser.

How to use Facebook Recommended subscription Page Browser:

Users have to navigate directly to the Page Browser, there doesn't appear to be any link from the main interface. The page shows big icons for a list of pages Facebook thinks you might like; click on one and you'll "Like" it. With gamut of data Facebook has users might find Facebook's recommendations (customized to user's taste and activity; Everyone's page looks a little different); but in case a user doesn't find these recommendations reflecting his/her taste he or she can remove the distastefulness.

What is good about Facebook Page Browser, apart from the things discussed above:

A user can now continuously scroll and easily subscribe to what he likes(with assistance from World's biggest and most powerful Social Network). --------

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