Growth in Verified twitter accounts in the last 8 months

In Jan this year, the number of verified accounts at twitter was 1235. Verified accounts are simply those accounts which twitter verifies to make sure that the person or business the account is claiming to be is genuine. Verified accounts mainly belong to big and famous brands and people. Entities impersonators will find profitable to portray themselves as.

Currently, twitter has 4,310 verified accounts.

So in the last eight months twitter verified accounts at an extreme pace— a 248 percent increase.

Twitter had 75 million users worldwide in Jan 2010. In June, the tally reached 190 million. If, twitter is adding users at the same pace; Twitter currently can have 250 million users.

Notably, the increase in user base in the last eight month is about the same as the verified accounts increase. The growth in number of users during the same time frame is 233 percent.

This is great as verification needs doing many things like contacting, making a call etc. and is a time intensive procedure. In addition, the increase in verified accounts nearing the growth in twitter user base also makes it special.

Share of Verified Accounts in all twitter accounts

Verified accounts account for a very tiny or minuscule share of all twitter accounts.

In Jan 2010, verified twitter accounts accounted for .0016 percent; now they account for .0017 percent. So twitter is verifying roughly 17 accounts out of every 10,000 accounts. --------

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