Microsoft Unveils Internet Explorer 9 Beta: Read a compilation of what is New

On Wednesday Microsoft released the beta version of its new Web browser, Internet Explorer 9 at the Web event in San Francisco.

According to the company: Internet Explorer 9 has new and improvised features to enhance the user experience, and increased speed (with new emerging Web standards the software incorporates the most HTML5 support features). In addition, IE 9 is designed to be the most trusted browser as it has a robust set of built-in security, privacy and reliability technologies that keep customers safer online.

What is new to Internet Explorer 9 Beta (according to the company and others, though you can test and see new features yourself too; you should be using Windows 7 to try it):

1) Clean browser user interface -- Pinned Sites (allows users to access favorite websites directly from the Windows taskbar without having to first open the browser), Jump Lists (a quick and easy way to get to a common website task without having to first launch the browser), Tear-off tabs and Windows Aero snap tabs, and add-on performance advisor.
Basically the Pinned Sites features go hand in hand with the JumpList capabilities. Complementing each other, they allow a user to quickly create a new e-mail message, check their inbox, change the music station, accept a friend invitation or see breaking news.
2) Re-architected to be the only Web browser to focus on bringing sites front and center through Windows 7(Windows 7 integration), enabling a new class of experience on the Web with partners such as Facebook, Red Bull GmbH, Quiksilver Inc., Rough Guides Ltd., eHow Inc., LiveStrong, Twitter, Dailymotion, the Wall Street Journal, CNN and Orbitz LLC, as well as top design studios such as Metia, Soleil Noir S.A.S. and Joshua Davis Studios. This aspect is highlighted this way by this article: the first of a new generation of Web browser programs that tap into the powerful processors on board newer computers to make Web sites load and run faster. In a way the writers are stressing on the recent browser roll outs’ ability to channelise some of the load to graphics processors by taking advantage of the hardware and software features.

3) IE 9 focuses on the applications with a clean experience (something which blurs the distinction between a Web site and a traditional desktop application); and more pixels dedicated to the website, not the browser, allowing sites to shine.

Some of the stories, are presenting the Beta IE9 roll out more visually, Like:

IE9, arrives with a more minimalist look and a few new tricks that start to blur the distinction between a Web site and a traditional desktop application. In addition, taking cues from Google's stripped-down Chrome browser, Microsoft's IE9 comes with far fewer buttons, icons and tool bars, De-cluttering the top of the screen.

IE9’s frame is translucent, and while browsing the Web, IE9 can be subtly adorned with small icons with signature colors of the Web sites being viewed. In other words only the controls essential for browsing are displayed in the browser frame, quietly in glass or translucent background, letting people browse and experience all that their sites have to offer.

Despite losing some of its market share to rivals like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome , Internet Explorer is still at the top of the browser market having the bear share(though it comes bundled with Windows operating system; many people like it simplicity as well.

Click here to Test Microsoft IE 9 Beta (You should be using Windows 7 to test IE9). --------

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