Mozilla unveils Seabird: An Open Web mobile concept

Mozilla, the makers of the Firefox web browser, has launched a concept for an Open Web mobile phone called the Seabird. This concept phone exhibits uniqueness in design and features.

Below are the key elements of design and features:

1) Seabird has curved edges, a glass-like frame, and a unique shape that matches the contours of the hand. It has a white case at the back and a light blue trim around the sides.

2) Seabird features a multi-purpose Bluetooth/Infrared dongle made into the back which can be removed and waved about to control movements on the screen. This is motion sensitive, closer to a Wiimote than a stylus (a user don't need to touch the screen with it at all). It also has Haptic clicking, which makes it an effective mouse rather than just a pointer. The dongle is not just a controller either, as it also acts as a headset for Bluetooth calls.

3) Seabird features an 8 megapixel camera on the back.

4) Seabird has two pico projectors on the sides which are capable of a brightness of 45 lumens at a resolution of 960x600 pixels. These projectors are revolutionary in a sense that they allow a keyboard to be projected onto a flat surfaced and then interacted with as if the device was a laptop, effectively solving the problem of the tiny keyboards we currently have on smartphones.

This is just a concept phone, Mozilla has no current plans to make mobiles phones. --------

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