Nokia C6 and C7 to be unveiled Q4 this year

As per this story, Nokia C6 and C7, Both devices will ship in Q4(Oct-Dec) this year.

Nokia C6 is smaller in size than the N8 but has many new features. C6 is a touch phone(3.5-inch screen) and comes with a new display technology known as “ClearBlack Display” or CBD. CBD is said to be “blacker than black”. Thus C6 provides buyers another choice when choosing between Super-LCD, AMOLED and Apple’s Retina Display. The C6 has an 8MP camera, full QWERTY keyboard, supports WebTV and has free Ovi Maps, allowing for navigation whilst on the move.

Nokia C6 video

C7 mimics C6 in features, has the same screen size, but it’s lighter and thinner than C6. Plus it has not keyboard.

Nokia C7 video

Price: C6 will cost 260 euros(in US$ 337) and the C7 will cost 335 euros (in US$ 435). --------

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