Nokia outperforms rivals on mobile ads: survey

According to a new survey by InMobi, the world's largest independent mobile advertising network (InMobi kept a watch on its display ad impressions carried on Nokia phones in July, to arrive at the conclusions).

Nokia's phone operating system has nearly 50 percent of the global mobile advertising market, more than its overall industry market share and ahead of Apple.

The key survey findings:

1) 48 percent of all its display ad impressions were carried on Nokia phones in July.This despite Nokia’s perceived weakness in the high-end smartphone market which is more suited to carrying mobile adverts. In terms of advert impressions, Nokia had almost 10 billion ad impressions in July.

2) Apple's iPhone, which is seen as ideally suited for watching content and adverts, had 8 percent of the market in July. Apple had 1.6 billion impressions.

3) Google's Android operating system carried 3 percent of InMobi's advert impressions, compared with its overall operating system market share of 17 percent. Android had over 711 million ad impressions.

In terms of overall market share, Nokia has around 40 percent of the smartphone market with its Symbian operating software but has lost its leading position in recent years among the most expensive handset models to phones such as the iPhone and Research in Motion's Blackberry. According to Gartner, Apple's iOS operating system has a 14 percent operating system market share.

What InMobi Global View of Mobile Advertising report concludes:

Nokia benefited from increasing popularity of mobile advertising in Europe, where Nokia also dominates. --------

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