Number of LinkedIn users in India as of end June 2010

There are more than 6 million LinkedIn users in India (linkedIn is a professional social network)as of end June 2010. About eight months ago, India had 3 million LinkedIn users and was the fastest-growing country for LinkedIn.

Notably during the same time frame, LinkedIn with users from the entire globe, increased its users from 50 million in October 2009 to more than 65 million in May 2010. So comparing with Indian growth, which almost doubled in the same time frame, LinkedIn's Indian growth appears formidable.

LinkedIn users are going to increase in India; as thousands of engineering and other professional courses graduates are passing out of colleges every year. Thanks to Govt and private sector initiative.

Professional social networks like LinkedIn have benefited from the Economic downturn and have seen big growth in the past two years. --------

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