Promoted Accounts: Twitter’s new Ad Format launched

Twitter today launched its new initiative called Promoted Accounts. Through Promoted Accounts, Advertisers can boost their audience(followers) on Twitter by paying Twitter to automatically suggest to users with similar interests that they "follow" the advertisers. Twitter sees PA as an initiative to give businesses the opportunity to get their updates in front of users, not just their ads.

Twitter is pleased with the performance of Promoted Tweets, which appear at the top of updates, and Promoted Trends, which are featured on a list of trending topics; Hence launched Promote Accounts.

If we see Promoted Accounts from the perspective of millions of ordinary twitter users. Though Twitter will ban an ordinary user (citing weird activity) who tries to increase his/her twitter following by paying some third party application (which will be promoting the user in the same way in its platform; as Twitter will promote these advertisers); Twitter will be more than happy if Promoted Accounts becomes successful; as this time, Twitter will pocket the money.

Another important announcement from Twitter today is its abandoning of @earlybird initiative, an account that Twitter users could follow to get daily deals from advertisers.

Twitter plans to roll out a self-serve advertising system for small businesses next year. --------

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