Uncomfortable Truth about Indian Government’s $35 Android tablet

Brace yourself; as what you are going to listen will be extremely difficult for you; especially if you happen to be an Indian.

The uncomfortable, but probably true finding by an Indian Website AndroidOS.in is that the much advertised $35 “Indian Tablet” (that is exacted to be start selling January 10, 2011) isn’t actually from India(as Indian Govt is saying all this now). The reality is that the tablet is made by a Chinese manufacturer named Hivision, and sold as the Speedpad. It was originally seen at CeBIT this year, and Hivision said it would sell for around $100.

Compare the tablets side by side:

Dollar 35 Android tablet from indian Govt (Left) & Hivision SpeedPad (Right)

Don't compare the prices of the two tablets -- As a country can even afford to distribute the device for free. --------

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