Visualize yourself folding and putting your E-reader in your trouser pocket

Sony has unveiled, at the annual Dealer Convention in Japan, a fully functional e-ink display that is flexible enough to be rolled up.

Till now, e-ink products (also called e-paper and digital ink) have solid screens, including the Sony e-book readers. But as Sony’s new flexible e-ink technology (e-ink display uses a flexible plastic to form the display instead of the traditional glass substrate) makes folding of the display possible, the technology could result in everything from foldable e-ink newspapers to e-book readers to tablets.

Although Sony has not revealed how it plans to use the technology and whether it’s at the stage where it can used in devices; another industry giant LG has also shown its own flexible e-paper display some time ago; saying it will mass produce them in 19-inch (approximately tabloid size) and 9.7-inch (approximately iPad size) versions. The smaller model will even display colors. --------

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