7 Things To Do To Remain Safe from Halloween Keyword Hackery

Does Halloween set you on an endless hunt for ideas and stuffs on internet?

If yes then you should exercise caution when on such a prowl; as hackers are in search of you as well, to promote their malware-ridden links.

According to Panda Security, cybercriminals are taking advantage of Halloween by inserting their malware campaigns into Halloween related search results. Their modus operandi is tapping the power of trending keywords (search terms most people are searching) to promote their malware-ridden links.

According to the researcher at Panda Security, below are the top five phrases that in his opinion are actively targeted:

1. Halloween costumes
2. Halloween decorations
3. Halloween ideas
4. Adult Halloween costumes
5. Free pumpkin pattern

A campaign, the researcher particularly cautions about is the “Halloween Blackhat SEO tag cloud”.

The researcher notes that simple common sense can be enough to remain secure from such hacker attacks. For example, making a strong policy of not following URL routes to `interesting' videos that ask you to download a video codec (as they may include trojan-driven malware).

Seven pieces of advice:

1) Only open emails or messages from trusted sources.

2) Type URLs directly into the browser. Do not click any links included in email messages, even if they come from a reliable source.

3) Do not download or run files that come from unknown sources especially executable files with Halloween-related names.

4) Don’t visit pages that are not secure -- look for the security certificate, usually a small yellow padlock, in the bottom right section of the browser status bar.

5) Don’t go on a downloading frenzy even on legitimate sites.

6) Make online purchases from sites with a solid reputation and secure, encrypted transactions, and never on a public computer.

7) Install an effective security solution installed, like an Anti-virus, and keep it updated to detect the latest security threats.

Happy Halloween! --------

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