AMD Llano showcased : Part of AMD Fusion product Lineup

At a technical forum at Taipie,

Chip maker AMD has demonstrated its Llano Accelerated Processing Unit (APU).

Llano forms a part of the firm's Fusion product line (AMD Fusion product Lineup) and is intended for laptops and 'thin' desktop machines.

Features of Llano APU and AMD claims:

1) Has a graphics core built into the CPU chip to reduce not only the number of components but also heat and manufacturing cost (Good for device manufacturers and final customers).

2) Llano chip is designed to have enough power to compete with existing low-end CPUs, with the firm running three simultaneous compute and graphic intensive workloads on the chip.

3) While running Microsoft Windows 7, the Llano chip demonstrated multitasking a) calculated the value of Pi to 32 million decimal places b) decoded video from a Blu-ray disc c) ran Microsoft's Nbody Directcompute benchmark, which came up with a figure of 30Gflops of computational power. AMD claimed that the demonstration was a preview of "Llano's raw compute power enabling new levels of experience computing that AMD aims to bring to mainstream PC users in 2011.

4) AMD claims the chip will help deliver "sleek form factors" and long battery life.

Llano is expected to appear in dual, triple and quad core configurations with thermal design power (TDP) ratings somewhere between 20W to 60W depending on the number of cores. The APUs will be fabbed with Globalfounderies' 32nm process.

Llano APUs are likely to play in the market segment currently occupied by AMD's Athlon II CPU chips.

AMD Fusion APUs will be on devices not earlier than the later half of 2011. --------

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