Beware of Facebook Statuses with free iPhones

According to security firm Sophos, numerous Facebook users are allowing unknown applications to install themselves on their profile, in return for a promised free iPhone. Once the application is installed, a status update reading “Just testing Facebook for iPhone out. Received my free iPhone today, so happy lol… If anyone else wants one go here…” with a self-propagating link to the malicious app itself is automatically set as their status.

According to Sophos, an iPhone is not a device given as freebie just for some action; like joining the application or registering to some page. The promise of a free iPhone should always be subjected to some skeptism, but there are numerous Facebook users who are just falling over for a free iPhone. When for all reasons, they should not.

Adding that, the Facebook users should be extra cautious over the coming days, as new malware promising free iPhones to those who click on a link is hitting Facebook isn a big way. --------

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