BlackBerry PlayBook gets first Public Preview

At the Adobe MAX conference in LA yesterday, RIM gave the first public preview of its iPad competitor, BlackBerry PlayBook.

The PlayBook with a screen size smaller than Apple iPad (7-inches to the iPad's 9.6) needs to be connected or synced to a BlackBerry phone for full functionality.

The PlayBook features a camera for video conferencing can play full high def video, and support's Adobe Flash: All of which Apple iPad lacks.

To underline the Flash capability of PlayBook, RIM CEO Mr Lazaridis’demo even included running Flashed based YouTube - as in the website, not an app. Other notable inclusion in the demo, to underline PlayBook’s full high definition video playing capability, was BBC videos running in Adobe Air on the PlayBook, plus an MRI imaging application.

The PlayBook is up for release next year. --------

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