Boonana Trojan Virus Threatening Mac Users

SecureMac a website that deals with information about the security issues that the Mac users face, has some advisory for the users of the Mac OS X.

The security firm has unearthed a previously unaccounted for malware that affects the users of the Mac OS X and the Trojan horse seems to be infecting files through social networks.

The name of the Trojan file is “Trojan.osx.boonana.a”. The virus takes shape as a video which is being shared on by social networks. There may be other means as well though.

One of the common sightings of this worm is that of a Facebook displayed video that reads “is it you in the video” as its caption. The caption makes the video very clickable for obvious reasons; that inadvertently exposes the user to privacy threats. When the link to the video is clicked, a Java applet gets run on your computer and it keeps downloading more malware from the background of your computer. System information about a PC gets reported to external servers by this Trojan as well.

In addition, this Trojan also indulges in spamming through a user account. --------

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