CherryPal launches CherryPad America: A Below 200 dollar Android Tablet

CherryPad America sub-$200 Android tablet launched in the 'sub-iPad' market
October 7th, 2010 1:29 pm ET

CherryPal, a pc manufacturer, which specializes in low-cost computers, has launched a new below $200 tablet (can be called a budget tablet), the CherryPad America(CherryPad America Polymer).

Specs and features:

1) runs Android 2.1 (will get an upgrade option to Android 2.2 or Froyo Q4 2010)
2) powered by 800Mhz Samsung ARM11 processor
3) 7" restrictive 800 x 400 touchscreen display
4) 256MB of RAM
5) 2GB of internal storage
6) A microSD card reader (but no card)
7) 802.11g wi-fi (but not wireless-n, the current fastest standard)
8) 3.5mm headphone jack
9) Speakers and a microphone
10)An optional external 3G modem (no 3G built-in)
11) comes with a 3200 MAH battery with a run time of 6-8 hours
12) integrated with Android Market

Price: $188. Sold exclusively by Zecozi, a new online shopping site.

This story cautions that, Budget tablet fans should not be too fascinated with the tablet's price as; they may get a chance to have thier hnds on Samsung's galaxy tab; which, lthough carriers haven't yet revealed their pricing for the Galaxy Tab in the U.S., accoriding to Samsung would probably be in the $200 - 300 range. And the commencement of Samsung Tab is nearing too. So wait and watch could be the policy for budget tablet buyers. notably Samsung Galaxy tab, apart from much better specs, will come with 3G and no wi-fi only Tabs at launch. --------

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