GameSalad makes user-generated apps for iOS a possibility

After user generated content, are we heading towards the era of user-generated apps?

This appears to be a possibility is GameSalad ‘s plans materialize. Gamesalad hopes to usher along the era of user-generated apps with its new GameSalad Studio that makes it easier for people to create, test, and distribute their iPhone games. GameSalad’s hopes are applauding when one takes into consideration that there are about 49000 games on App Store.

The Austin, Texas-based company says that no programming knowledge is necessary for people to use its tools and create their own apps that run on iOS, Apple’s operating system that runs on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

The studio tool, that will make ordinary people iOS game developers, combines GameSalad Creator, GameSalad Viewer, and GameSalad Direct all in a single suite. Users pay no fees until they decide to publish their games. A small fee covers the cost of submission. Free games require no extra fee, while paid games require a revenue split.

GameSalad provides developers with analytics so they get insight into how well their games are doing on the App Store. --------

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