Google Launches Instant in India: Fast Search from Google

After launching the Google Instant, in the US and some other geographies on Septmeber 8; yesterday, Google launched the service in India as well.

Google Instant,as the name suggests, saves a searcher two to five seconds off every Internet search. A few seconds won't appear much; but cumulatively makes for substantial time saving.

To use the service a user doesn’t have to do anything; he/she keep on searching Google as usual. What they can do instead(but that is just for feel good purposes) is to observe whether they are actually saving valuable seconds per search or not.

What searchers on Google in India will observe (indicating the debut of Google Instant in India):

1) search becoming more interactive and helping them find information more quickly and easily.

2) If a user wants to look for Aishwarya Rai on Google’s search, by the time he/she types ‘ais’ just three alphabets in the search box; he or she will be shown best results(which people search most) in a drop down list. Merely typing an ‘a’ shows a dropdown list with Airtel on the top. If the said user feels it’s worthy to look for new deals from the mobile operator rather than Aishwarya; he/she can head to Airtel, after just typing a single alphabet. But, If the user continues typing a word other than "Aishwarya" into the search box, the results on the page instantly refresh and change accordingly.

According to Google, Google Instant technology would not change the order in which its search engine ranks Web pages or the way it displays advertisements alongside search results. Google Instant now powers Google Books, Videos, Blogs and Updates. Google Instant also supports keyboard shortcuts to help navigate through search results, according to Google.

Google Instant is designed for faster net connections; so using Instant on slower connections proves problematic. --------

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