HP unveils WebOS 2.0

Hewlett-Packard Co. on Tuesday unveiled its newly updated and rebranded HP WebOS mobile platform. The same platform is expected to power future HP smart phone and tablet devices in 2011 (I have read somewhere).

With WebOS 2.0, HP will be addressing the scaling (to different screen sizes) , efficiency and developer friendly issues. WebOS 2.0, will have a mobile operating system that will power all of the handheld devices it plans to roll out over the next year. That apart, the key additions to the WebOS feature list include better multi-tasking capabilities and major enhancements to typing and search functionality.Type and search enhancemenst include, a new addition called “Just Type,” . The capability allows users to type any search term they want on their phone, even before selecting an app to use. On the multi-tasking front, HP has added a new feature that groups related apps together while they are running in the background. Like if a person types a game name into his/her device, a button for a store application would appear

Other additions to WebOS 2.0 include Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Beta support, QuickOffice Connect Mobile Suite, and VPN support, including IPsec and Cisco AnyConnect.

Whether or not the company plans to deliver WebOS-based tablet PCs, HP declined to comment. --------

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